mentors & associates for inspiring change residency 2018

inspiring change works by the method of finding the appropriate experts to support emerging artists with their projects

this means that we select the best of the best in your line of interest, in order to maximize your artistic and entrepreneurial potential

our coworkers and companies we already have worked with are listed under, and many many more we can connect with according to your needs

within our artist residence and training course we work with the following

1441215_632688836773780_872860294_nTheater Mimart, one of the first alternative theaters in ex-Yugoslavia was established in 1984 in Belgrade. Nela Antonovic, founder and director of MIMART explores through trans-media way along with assembled artists through open process. The focus of our work is the phenomenon of society, because contemporarily is defined by various phenomena: geo-political, social, economical, technological, environmental media, communicational and cultural. In the era of universal aspiration towards visualization and spectacle as a model of social and cultural life, in its sole discretion MIMART Theatre is searching for the meaning of contemporary art. Non-verbal theater transcends all barriers: language, geographic, political, ethnic, social…

displacementDisplacement Parkour was formed in 2008 after a performance for the Dublin fringe festival. Having preformed and run work shops for companies such as Disney, Vodafone, K-Swiss and Swatch we felt like we needed to do more for the local community and set up Ireland’s first Parkour classes. We feel that these classes, the information shared with in, the bonds formed and the love of movement is by far our greatest achievement.
We are currently in talks with Sport Ireland in regards to setting up a National Govering Body for the sport in Ireland. Outside of the Irish community, Displacement is also a founding member of the newly formed Performance Parkour Network. An international organisation for traceurs (parkour practitioners), performers and teachers that interested in working with Parkour in a performance context.

ece2dd_fc6511bbc5524cbba92212ae39e2b9a5Antropical is a multidisciplinary practical research residency within a festival setting, merging the performing arts (dance, theatre, circus, conceptual art, video, audiovisual art, etc.) with theory (philosophy, [art] history, curating, political science, etc.), design (landscape design, graphic design, architecture), education (art therapy, teaching, etc.) and any other discipline interested in partaking in the debate on the relation between art and festival culture.


Mime Wave has two goals:
1. Maintaining cultural collaboration between Ukraine and The Netherlands by producing theater performances with Ukrainian and Dutch artists. These are performed in both countries together with giving workshops and lectures.
2. Combining different disciplines in a theater with Anastasiia as the creative leader.


logo21Art work of Marco Nektan is inspired by ancient legends, myths, rituals and mysteries of the spiritual, mystic forces and the powers of the universe. Always seeking for the ultimate wisdom, he can lead you trough many wonders.
Marco Nektan is a visual artist, performance artist, photographer, dancer and choreographer. Born in Serbia, but he feels like the citizen of the World. Like a Gypsy, his home is on the road, always on the move. He is everywhere and nowhere. Like the wind, as is his art, he strives for the freedom of the soul.
Art as an object of life, art of wildness and freedom, of the deepest darkness of the heart; the secret art of mysteries…
Take a step in to the realm of mystery art, and open your heart!


Mentors we choose for you are leaders in their respected fields and founders and managers of our partner organizations. According to your requirements , we find the best of  the best to provide the service for artists to be independent in their own business.

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